A 28 Day Practice Program to Help Create Calm Within Ourselves and Others

We Want You to Thrive and Not Just Survive

We create calm in a world that so desperately needs it. Our mission is to empower individuals, communities and organizations through sustainable self-care practices so that we can show up everyday at our best and elevate others to do the same!



You can create your own calm and empower others to do the same. Better yet…. Find others to go through the 28 day/practices with you. Hold each other accountable. Do it as a family, a school, a business. Make it fun, challenging and a way to create a climate and culture of creating calm together.


An inner peace and feeling of a calm that comes over you. You can feel that inner calm by embracing  28 sustainable self care practices along with time to reflect on each practice. An integral part of this course will be the importance of reflection and journaling. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to learning. This will allow you the opportunity to really lean in and grow from this experience.



The past few years I have furthered my practice by publishing three resilience journals centered around wellness and daily reflection and now have created this course, Creating Calm focusing on Creating Calm Within Ourselves and Others. Creating  Calm helps individuals self-reflect and dig deep so they can show up every day re-centered, re-ignited and re-energized to create a climate and culture that thrives for themselves and those around them. It encompasses sustainable self care practices, benefits of those practices, helpful tips and daily reflections that are not only applicable  personally or professionally but supports you and your community. The more reflective and open you are, the more effective it will be. 

In addition I have included a video for each practice. This course was created to emphasize the need for daily reflection and self care for YOU. Making this part of your routine is a  reminder of your strengths and purpose and a tool that will help you stay focused, centered and rooted in your passion in life .


28 Self-Care Practices with  benefits, tips and reflections

28 Videos to support each practice

28 Supporting worksheets and resources

Mindful tips, challenges and quotes that align with each practice

This is a self paced course that can be used individually or with a group of people. It can be used Personally or Professionally to help create a climate and culture of calm within yourself and others. It can be done in any order that works for you! You can use each of the 28 days/practices as a prompt daily, weekly, monthly etc.



I am an educational leadership coach and founder of The Excellence Team.  During my thirty year journey in education as a leader, counselor and mentor, I was and still am committed to unearth individual's strengths and passion, to shift the mindset needed to create a climate and culture of calm that yields sustainable growth, self-leadership, well-being and an energy that ignites the purest form of excellence. My background in counseling and school leadership combined with extensive experience in Mindfulness and Restorative Practices has naturally led me to focus on the whole child/whole adult.  I love striving for personal and professional excellence “out of the box”, challenging individuals to think big, embrace challenges, and create opportunities to thrive. 

I am passionate about what I do every day and embrace the challenge of shifting a culture. I have been married for 30 years and my husband and I have raised four unique and passionate children that thrive in different ways. We both have an unwavering belief that communities need to be preserved, that relationships between community and families are critical in order to move forward. I approach life with a vulnerable heart and instinct to do not necessarily what is expected but what is “right” for individuals.


Businesses wanting to shift the climate and culture feeling more aligned and connected.

Families looking for a common ground of calm amongst the daily chaos.

Schools looking to feel more connected with one another and their communities.

Individuals that are looking to shift their outlook on life and how we approach each day.

THE WORLD… wanting a positive, healthy and productive shift to what’s right in this world!

We got this!

Let’s step away from 2021 and start 2022 on the right foot! 

Help navigate through your days by Creating Calm within yourself and others.

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